Do it Yourself Area Rugs

Basically, an area rug can be used for anchoring seats in the living room or dining rooms, or may be used for the hardwood floors in the bedroom. Used in bathrooms, entryways, hallways, etc, there are many simple ways to create the shag area rugs.

A few things which can help in this regard are rug canvas backing, yarn, scissors, rug hook, bias tape and sewing machine. A yarn of desired color can be bought, and wrapped appropriately around the notebook cardboard piece cut into suitable dimensions. The yarn is cut in the direction of the cardboard. The hook end is then inserted into the horizontal bar of mesh backing. A yarn piece is wrapped around the latch hook tool. A long bias tape is cut suitably to wrap around the rugs. The excess rug mesh is then finally removed from the back side of the rug. These are the simple steps for area rug creation if one desires to do it himself.


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