Causes Of Roof Shingles To Get Dirty

Dirty roof shinglesWe all are very well aware of the feeling of getting something brand new. New things are fresh, clean, new and nice. Whatever it is like shoes, car, clothes and many such other things. But it does not stay like this forever after passage of time it gets old and dirty. Roofing is also similar to these things. On the day of installation of roof, it looks so much clean, pristine and new. After some years pass, it starts looking old and dirty. That is the indication that now it needs cleaning. But before cleaning them, you must also be aware of the causes of roof shingles to get dirty. Once you know the causes of roof shingles to get dirty, you can prevent them from getting dirty instead making effort to clean them. Here are some of the causes of roof shingles to get dirty.

  • Falling debris

The primary cause among all causes of roof shingles to get dirty is falling debris. The most common type of debris which make your roof dirty is sticks, branches, leafs, acorns and pine straw. Some debris falls naturally on the roof, some are brought by the wind and some of them is brought by the animal and birds like squirrel and other birds. Debris not only make your home and roof to look dirty but it can also be held reasonable for leaks and roof damage. You may wonder how debris is responsible for roof damage but due to debris the rain water is blocked on the roof itself for longer period of time and it can cause rotting. Hence debris, apart from being one of the causes of roof shingles to get dirty, it also is considerably responsible for roof damage.

  • Algae or black stains

After some years your roof catches up some black stains which usually appear on the roof tops. Home owners usually wonder what this stain is and is this damaging their roof? This black stain is actually roof mold and it is the dead algae and it is seen on that side of the roof where sunlight is less and thus it remain more damp and lie o0n the roof for longer period of time. Thus this black stain is also one of the causes of roof shingles to get dirty. These algae not really damage your roof but only one of the causes of roof shingles to get dirty.

  • Moss

Moss can also be considered as one of the causes of roof shingles to get dirty. Many people think that moss does not affect the roof much but it is totally wrong as moss is really dangerous for your roof. Moss can damage the structure of your roof and can cause leaks in the shingle of roof. Thus apart from looking dirty it is also harmful and must be removed on the immediate basis as soon as spotted on the roof. You can either put some effort yourself or you can also contact any professional and get it removed from your roof.


Things To Look For When Buying An Old House

Buying old houseIt’s really dream of every single person to have his own house. All have planned some or the other thing about their dream house. But all this things are fulfilled when you are buying an old house as you have to accept the things of old house as they are. However buying an old house is also not bad option unless and until you check some of the details. It is really important to check on certain matters while buying a old house, if not taken into consideration those things you might have to regret your decision of buying an old house and have to suffer a lot. Here are some of the things to look when buying an old house.

  • Insulation

It might surprise you that while buying an old house you must prefer a home with no insulation. The reason behind it is that when your old home doesn’t have insulation, you can install it yourself and hence you can have surety as to installation also. You can have a check whether installation is done properly or not if you are installing it yourself. Poor insulation or default in insulation can ruin a house and thus it better to be sure regarding insulation. Hire a trustworthy contractor who has adequate knowledge and experience. If the old house is not properly insulated then make a estimate of the cost of removing it and replacing a new one and then move forward with buying an old house.

  • Natural ventilation features

While buying an old house, you must focus on the ventilation feature. Usually old house are such which are naturally designed in a way which gives good ventilation to the house. But still while buying an old house; it becomes your duty to check that ventilation works with the weather conditions and not against weather conditions. If it is against then you might have a great increase in the energy bills to keep your house according to the outside weather. Also make a check that the ventilation features are repairable and operable otherwise it can also create an issue. Keep in mind while buying an old house doesn’t take a house which is against this feature as it can prove costly to you in the near future.

  • Windows which can be restored

While you are in the hunt of buying an old house make sure you buy one which has original windows. You might get sellers who brag that they have the gorgeous and energy efficient vinyl windows which they just installed last year. Old windows have passed the test of their durability and long lasting feature and thus they are reliable even though old. Even though old windows are not much attractive because of their fainted paint or are little damaged because of broken locks, opt for them as they are the minor problems are can be dealt very easily and affordably. Restoring them is good possible option for them.

Roof Cleaning Methods For Ugly Stains

Roof CleaningRoof cleaning is a very essential job especially when you spot ugly stains on them. There are several organisms which eat up your roof like moss algae and lichens. Longer the time they go untreated, more will be the amount of damage they cause to your roof. Homeowners usually get confused when they search for roof cleaning methods for ugly stains because the results are very conflicting and complication. This article will help every homeowner to find the right and appropriate roof cleaning methods for ugly stains removal. There is a simple advice if you are dealing with the roof stains to not to leave them on it for a longer period of time act upon it as soon you spot one.

  • Eco-friendly, non-bleach, low pressure roof cleaning methods for ugly stains

Roof cleaning companies which make use of this roof cleaning methods for ugly stains usually put into use high grade eco friendly products which do not involve toxic chemicals like chlorine bleach, phosphate and other such chemicals which can pollute waterways and kill vegetation. This roof cleaning methods for ugly stains removal also makes use of low pressure rinsing system which avoiding the usage of damaging high pressure brushing or scrubbing.

Usually the result obtained by this method is complete and instant. Moss, algae and lichens are totally out of your roof. As the products are eco friendly, it ensures the gentle, safe and precise cleaning of your roof. In this method, the damage of landscaping and integrity of roof shingles are given much importance. The only issue with this eco friendly method of roof cleaning methods for ugly stains is that it is costly as the material is qualitative and eco friendly.

  • The chlorine bleach roof cleaning methods for ugly stains

Contractors of roof cleaning makes use of sodium hypochlorite and then mix up with high concentrations with other chemical like trisodium phosphate. After mixing up such chemicals, contractors spray this thing on the roof and then wait for some time until they dry and after that apply it again and again as and when needed. If after this process also certain moss, stains and algae which are not removed on the day of treatment are gradually removed in the coming months or during months of rain. This method is comparatively less costly as the chemicals used are not much costly and also the contractors don’t climb up the roof to inspect after the completion of process.

  • High pressure power washing roof cleaning methods for ugly stains

There are certain contractors who apply power washing technique and make an attempt to remove ugly stains from your roof along with moss and algae. While using this method there is high chance of damaging roof shingles. As it is power washing and thus the pressure would be high and there prevails a high probability of your shingles getting damaged and thus it is advisable to keep hand in between while spraying the water on the roof. This will help to lower the pressure of the water and save your shingles.