How To Clean Your rain Gutters

Cleaning rain gutterEvery individual plan to clean several parts of their home like basement, garage, windows, bedroom but none of them ever consider cleaning your rain gutters as your priority or even don’t consider cleaning your rain gutters at all. Rain gutters is an essential part of your home and cleaning your rain gutters especially before rain hits of your home is necessity. You might not realize but many issues can be caused by not cleaning your rain gutters on time. When you don’t clean your rain gutter, the water of rain don’t flow and instead get stuck in the gutter itself and the weight will increase on your roof which in turn will damage your roof. Having a damaged roof in rain can be really problematic situation and thus cleaning your rain gutters is very important. Here are some of the easy steps to clean your rain gutters.

  • Scoop the loose debris out of gutters

Debris can be really problematic if they are stuck into your gutters and thus you need to clean your gutter in time to make it safe in rain. Debris is one of the main sources of blocking the rain to flow properly from the gutter. You can use a narrow garden trowel for scooping out the loose debris. Make sure to work away from the drain outlet. It would be really easy to clean your rain gutter when the debris is slightly pliable and damp and not soggy or dried or encrusted. If you want to lessen up the cleaning work at the end then you can scoop the debris into a plastic bucket.

  • Blast the gutters out with a hose

Take an on off high pressure nozzle which should be mounted at the end of the water hose. Use this to clean your rain gutter and make it ready for the rain. Wash each and every single part of the gutter and make it perfect clean. Cleaning your rain gutter can be a messy job for you and thus try to avoid splattering of mud all over the house. If the dirt is very stubborn and it does not wash out with the hose then take a stiff scrub brush and remove the encrusted dirt with that scrub and clean your rain gutter in this manner.

  • Clean any obstruction in drain pipes

If the drain pipes are blocked due to debris or any other reason, the water will not flow freely and easily. If such situation arises, then before the water gets stuck and creates any problem for your roof, you must try and flush the debris down with the hose. This will definitely work and clear the drain pipes. But if this thing does not work then you can use a plumber’s auger to free the blockage of the pipes and pull out the debris from the bottom of the pipe and in some of the cases you can also push it from the top of the pipe and remove the blockage.


How To Renovate Your Kitchen

Kitchen renovationRenovating your kitchen would add up ease and comfort to your lifestyle. Along with adding ease renovating your kitchen also increases the value of your home and thus at the time of selling you can get increased price of your home. But renovating your kitchen is one of the most complicated task because all the decisions you make at this time will be accompanying for many of the coming years and thus you should make sure you don’t make any mistake for which you have to regret in the coming years. Thus get proper knowledge regarding how to renovate your kitchen. To guide you with this, here are some of the tips for renovating your kitchen.

  • Use quality materials

Using quality materials will ensure that the materials are going to last long. If you are going for top quality drawer slides and cabinet doors then they won’t stick. Don’t pick up those drawers which are stapled together or which are made up of particle board. These are not good choice while renovating your kitchen so it is advisable to not to opt for them. For interiors of cabinet, wood veneer is most popular and also from the durability point of view it is better as compared to particleboard, MDF or laminate.

  • Decide height of cabinets

If your kitchen is having ceiling which is eight foot long then it is really a great option to have cabinets to that height. This will allow you to have huge amount of storage space and most of your kitchen stuff to fit inside and keeping your kitchen clutter free with lots of free space.

  • Decide whether to paint or stain

It is definitely true that stained wood cabinetry gives promising effect but most of this finishes date out quickly and cannot be altered easily. Instead if you opt for brush painted cabinets, it will offer you with a very unique and different personality.

  • Don’t overdo the details

Sometimes accent of your designs like installing pediments over stove and installing plaster molding on the front of cabinets can prove to be excess on the part of renovating your kitchen. Make sure that renovating your kitchen does not excess or overlap the other sections of your home instead it should be such which would blend in with the other parts of the home.

  • Stick to basic appliances

When you put up too many gadgets and appliances in your kitchen, it really seems to look clumsy. Instead of too many, stick to buy less but reliable appliances. This can save you space and also look good. Try to buy stuff of similar color this will show a consistency in your kitchen.

  • Avoid maintenance nightmare

While renovating your kitchen, make sure you opt for such things which are maintenance free. Kitchen is such a place which would be in use daily. This if you select such things which are easy to maintain then it would be good for you.

Maintaining Wood Fence

Wood fenceWhen a need is arises to set a perimeter or border around your home or your property, the perfect thing to satisfy your need is fence. When you are considering installing a new fence around your house, you are availed with number of options. Certain materials are low maintenance while on the other hand certain are high maintenance, certain gives you great beauty with high cost while certain gives you moderate look with low cost. If your choice is more natural one then wood fence is probably the most adorable fence to go with. The natural look of wood fence goes with many kinds of landscape styles. But when you get something good, it also brings certain responsibilities along with it. Wood fence is undoubtedly a beautiful in looks, but if you want that look to last for coming years you need to take steps for its maintenance. Here are some of the tips to maintain wood fence.

  • Ideal woods

Wood fence also comes in plenty and thus you have to explore types of wood fence and see which one fits with your budget, expectations, looks and style. There are some wood fences which are less costly but of course their life span would not be same as of the costlier one. Normally cedar is a kind of wood which is considered more appropriate as it possess natural oils which will keep it moisture resistant and prone against insects. If your budget does not allow you with cedar wood fence then you can opt for pressure treated wood as this is also good resistant against moisture and insects.

  • Natural enemies of wood fence

When wood is exposed to outer elements there is a chance of wood becoming decomposed. When moisture hits the wood fence two issues can be arise. First is fungus stack on the wood fence and the second is dry rot of wood fence which may lead to crack and warping of wood fence over a period of time. To keep your wood fence away from such issues, it is very essential to keep your wood fence away from moisture.

  • Strong protection

Of course it is not possible to protect wood fence totally from outer natural elements over the years but the least you can do is to give maximum protection to your wood fence. By doing so you cannot stop the process of damage but at least you can slow it down. You can use the stain to cover the each and every part of your wood fence so that it is exposed less to the moisture. You can also make use of galvanized steel or stainless steel in the hardware of the steel to avoid the issue of rust and warping. If you don’t want your wood fence to dull then you should protect it from sun. Your wood fence can turn grey; to prevent it from turning grey you can use products which have UV inhibitors. These will keep the color of your wood fence in the same manner as of the time of its installation.

Home Décor Tips

Home decorTotal look of a home can be changed if it is decorated in the right manner. Thus it is definitely very important to have right home décor tips. It is not always about investing a huge amount into home décor and making it a big project. Sometimes it is like making some minor changes in your home and seeing the bigger result out of it. Here are some of the looks changing home décor tips which are simple and would blend in perfectly with your budget.

  • Bring some of the new lamp shades in more of the contemporary shapes or it can be of simple white shades. This décor tip will lighten up your home.
  • If your home really doesn’t feel good to you and you intend to make a whole makeover then paint would be the best home décor tip for you. If you don’t want to go for painting whole room then try out painting one wall in a focal color or you can also experiment by painting a contrasting rectangle over your sofa and make it feel like a gallery space.
  • 3) Another trendy home décor tip is to color the inside of the bookshelves with some unexpected and totally different color. You can also try out painting your ceiling with a color similar of the wall but in light shade.
  • One of the essential home décor tips is to upgrade your kitchen either by painting or by changing the other things in your kitchen.
  • Another essential home décor tip is to change window dressing. Bring some new and attractive curtain rod and also bring new curtain or draperies which go with the paint or furnishings of your home.
  • One of tricky home décor tip is to play with colors. Choose any one room and take two contrasts and play with those colors only in that room. This gives a really classy look to your home. Say for example take black and white color or you can also take white and any other bright color and use those colors as a repeating theme in whole room whether it is of furniture or curtain or pillows or anything just stick to the chosen colors.
  • One of the simple but the most effective home décor tip is to edit your décor items. Collect all the décor things from your house in a box and then restyle them and place them one by one to place where it is highlighted more and leaves a good impact on your home.
  • If you want to look at your home in different manner then there is a really simple home décor tip. Just take out all your paintings or wall art from each and every corner of your house then hang it in a different room. You will feel like you are seeing it for the first time.
  • Another home décor tip which is prevailing from the Victorian times but is still effective is to make a gallery wall with family pictures.

Types Of Window Blinds

When the question arises about the window treatments, blinds are such a thing which is very versatile and it adds a very different kind of style to window and also prevents the light from entering into your room. Blinds are available many types and kinds and it also offers plenty of various styles and designs. Blind options are a perfect choice for big windows, small windows and sometimes even doors. However it’s not easy to make the perfect choice for the blinds unless and until you have the perfect knowledge about types of window blinds. Along with types of window blinds, you also need to understand which are commonly used and in which kind of places.

  • Venetian window blinds

Venetian blindsThe most common type of window blinds among all types of window blinds is venetian blind. The reason behind them being most common is that they can fit in any room with any kind of window style. These blinds bring up to you unique styling and design with horizontal slats which are placed on the top of each other and then held by a string in a particular place. These slats are usually prepared from wood, plastic or in some of the cases even with metal. The cording of the string holds all the slats together with each other and when they rotate, they all rotate in a well synchronized way. This cording system permits the blinds to close fully or open fully or even open partially. These blinds control the incoming of the light into your room. If you want your room to look full bright then you can set the blind in such a manner that that window is exposed to light and room looks bright. The usual width of a venetian blind is 1 inch but it is also available in a range up to 4 inch and even above it.

  • Mini blinds

Mini blindsIt is a form of venetian blind only which gives a smaller slat and offer classier and sleek styling. It gives the perfect and gorgeous look for small windows but also not lacks behind in big windows which are clustered together. It is such a style of venetian blind which is most probably used in office and home. The size of mini blind in width is ½ inch.

  • Vertical blind

Vertcle blindsThe designing of vertical blind is similar as to that of Venetian blind. The only difference is that it avails with the vertical system of pulling instead of horizontal system of pulling. It has a great advantage as it decreases the amount of dust which is collected on the slats. This thing is not seen in the venetian blinds. As it has side closing system, it is a perfect fit for patio doors or windows of large size which usually open on a slide.  For enabling light control, this blinds use the same feature as that of venetian blind for opening and closing. It takes only little effort for closing and opening.


Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet CleaningCarpet comes in varieties and similarly their cleaning methods and techniques also come in varieties. A dirty  carpet is really not good for the health and hence it needs to be clean in timely manner. Carpet cleaning companies uses various methods for the carpet cleaning depending upon the type of carpet you had in your home. Each of the carpet cleaning method possesses its own pros and cons. It depends upon you to weigh each one of them and decide which one to opt for. Basically carpet cleaning can be divided into two categories that is wet carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning. Thus you need to decide which type of carpet cleaning method will suit carpet in your home. Here are some of the types of carpet cleaning methods.

  • Wet carpet cleaning method

Wet carpet cleaning method is also known as steam cleaning method or hot water extraction method. In this method the carpet is first pre conditioned with a chemical reagent which liquefies oil based substances and soils which might be there in the carpet fibers. Now the water is boiled up to its boiling temperature and then it is pressurized. After that the next step is injecting it into the carpet. After completion of 10 to 15 minutes of this injunction, the solution is extracted out of the carpet with the help of vacuum.


  • Get the soiling out of the carpet deeply.
  • It permits the use of extreme temperature use of chemical and pressure.
  • It allows dwell time for solvent and its reactions.
  • This carpet cleaning method is most widely used.
  • This method is highly recommended by the experts and professionals.


  • The drying time is very long but it can be shortened with the usage of powerful equipment and by competent technicians.
  • If you want maximum efficiency then expensive equipments are to be used.
  • The cost factor is also relatively high.

Dry carpet cleaning method with absorbent compound

A powder is mixed up with the cleaning agents and special solvents and it is spread over the carpet. After that it is worked into the carpet with the help of a machine which is fitted with counter rotating brushes. Now the powder will absorb the soil into the carpet fibers after it is set on the carpet for a time period of 10 to 15 minutes and then it vacuumed up.


  • The system is very simple and there is no need of technical training.
  • The drying time is very less. It can be put to use in approximately 20 minutes only. Thisis really quick.


  • There is a possibility of powder being trapped in the carpet and create a build up over period of time.
  • This method can lead to excessive build up of dust in the home.
  • This method does not ensure the cleaning of carpet deeply. Hence there is a possibility of dust remaining in the carpet and carpet not being completely clean.



Tips For Painting Your Metal Carport

Metal carportA metal carport is one such type of carport which offers you with the highest durability for parking your vehicle in the outdoors. One of the advantages you get by using metal carport is that the maintenance requirement of such type of carports is very low as compared with the wooden carports. But there is a point to be taken care of in metal carports. They get corroded and become rust and to overcome that it is very important to paint your metal carport. Corroded metal does not give a great look and hence it becomes a pre requisite to paint your metal carport to maintain its beauty. Here are some of the simple tips which would help you with painting your metal carport.

  • Make sure the primer and paint are compatible

For painting your metal carport, it is very essential for the primer and point to be compatible. Often people don’t pay much attention towards this point and start up the job directly in a hurry to finish it up as quickly as possible. If primer and paint are not compatible then you might see that paint starts peeling off after few days of painting. Hence before painting your metal carport, make sure you check this thing and then only start the job. Make sure to read the entire label of the product that you are going to use. There is certain paint which may not adhere with the paint in a proper manner because of the mixture of the chemicals in the primer.

  • Prepare the surface properly

While painting your metal carport, preparation of surface is by far the most essential thing. 80% of the paint failure cases are due to inappropriate surface as they are not cleaned beforehand or not paid adequate heed. Before initiating the job of painting your metal carport, you must clean the surface and remove oil, grease, dust and such other things.

  • Rough the surface of metal carport

Another essential thing to be taken care of before painting your metal carport is to roughen up the surface of your metal carport with sand paper. The sand paper will work in such a way that it will increase the area to which the paint is to be applied. This will result into a stronger power of adhesive between primer and your metal carport. Don’t forget to remove even the minutest particle of dust as these can act as a hurdle in binding the primer and the paint.

  • Wait for each coat of paint to dry before you recoat it

While painting your metal carport, you must act patiently. Always wait for the previous coat of paint to dry properly first and then apply the new layer of paint. If you don’t act patiently and don’t wait give sufficient time for the first coat to dry and apply the second layer, you get a wall which is not smooth. Even the brush would become sticky and the end result would not look as beautiful as you expect it to be.

How To Maintain Tile Flooring


Tile flooringFlooring is such a thing in your home which lights up your entire house and if it is not appropriate or dull it steals away the look of your home. Especially when you are having tile flooring in your house, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to keep it clean and maintain it for the upcoming years to keep its beautiful look stagnant. When you install a new tile floor, it looks almost gorgeous and gleaming but after passage of time, the same look is not seen now it becomes dull and dirty. For keeping it in the same gorgeous and gleaming manner, you must maintain tie flooring in best possible manner you can.

Regular cleaning with the needed materials with little bit effort can bring back the shine of your flooring. Here are some of the tips which can help you to maintain your tile flooring.

  • This is a very common and general thing that dirt is one such thing which is responsible for scratching the surface of your tile flooring. Hence it brings us to the conclusion that regularly cleaning and sweeping of the floor is very important. If you are not comfortable with sweeping the floor, you can go for vacuuming the floor. A small and tiny step towards maintenance can help you in the long run and upcoming years.
  • It is very essential to mop the floor at least once a week. Generally for most of the tile flooring you can use a solution which is made up of ¼th cup of castile soap and it should be mixed up with 2 gallons of warm water. Mopping your tile floor with this solution for once in a week will give your floor a nice, clean and tidy look.
  • If you are having a marble floor, which usually gets dull with the regular usage of detergent, then you can try out diluted and mild solution of dishwashing soap and water.
  • Another idea for maintaining tile flooring is that too for greasy floors is creating a solution of distilled white vinegar with warm water. Make sure you use this solution only for the greasy floors and not for the marble floors as vinegar will erode your marble floor.
  • You should make efforts to make your tile floor to look shiny and new. After mopping the floor, you should prepare a paste of baking soda and water. After that rub the paste on the grout by making use of an old toothbrush and then rinse off. If your tile is full of the bad stains then you can try out application of plain baking soda with addition of little distilled white vinegar and then let the solution stay for an hour and then you should do scrubbing.
  • If you are having an old waxed floor which is passing through the issue of wax build up then understand that it’s high time now and you should strip off the old wax and rewax your floor.

How To Choose A Roofing Contractor

Roofing contractorChoosing a roofing contractor for your home can be challenging task as you don’t know how to find a roofing contractor, where to find and what to look for in a roofing contractor. It is a natural thing to be confused regarding these matters. In such situations it is not advisable to make your decision in any kind of hurry and then regretting the same. You should make proper research on how to choose a roofing contractor. During this process you will definitely come across many roofing contractor and you would be in dilemma as to which one is the most reliable and would be able to handle your roof in a careful manner. Here are some of the points which guide you on how to choose a roofing contractor.

  • Insurance is necessary

It is your duty to check out whether your roofing contractor has liability insurance and workers compensation. You must check all certificates and be aware as there are roofing contractors who has fake certificates. For verifying that the certificate shown to you by the roofer is valid or not you can call insurance and get your doubt cleared. You should not choose a roofing contractor who has fake certificates.

  • Communication is essential

While choosing a roofing contractor, you can get a roofer who might not return your call. It can also happen that they are not serving you with the documents you asked for. When this kind of situation arises you must make communication and tell your concerns to your roofer. It still they are not paying proper heed then it is the sign to walk away from them. Just think if they are acting like this while they are trying to get your work what will happen when they actually get it. Thus this is a negative sign while choosing a roofing contractor.

  • Don’t focus too much on price

While choosing roofing contractor, don’t make the mistake of focusing just on price. Don’t go with the company offering the lowest price as it can be costly in the future years. Cheap price can also result into cheap roofing work and I am sure you are not willing to take any kind of chance with your roof. Thus select your roofing contractor wisely without focusing too much on price. Of course it is not good to pay too much but going with the lowest price is not good.

  • Opt for a local roofing contractor

Make sure to choose a roofing contractor who is local. Here local does not means roofing contractor who is working in the same place but local in the sense that he has an established business at any place. Also check that the roofing contractor you choose has a good reputation and image in the community. You can even take reviews from people with whom that roofing contractor has worked. By doing so you can get a fair idea about the work of the roofing contractor and decide whether you can rely on him or not.

Easy Ways To Clean Your Bathroom

Cleaning your bathroomConsidering the usage of your bathroom in each single day, you must pay proper attention on cleaning it. Each and every part of bathroom is being used n constant manner and hence special attention should be paid while cleaning them. Each and every part of your bathroom like sink, bath tub, toilets and showers should be appropriately cleaned in easy and simple ways. There are certain fixtures in the bathroom which needs cleaning in certain different manner hence you need to take as to what kind of fixtures you have installed in your bathroom and what kind of cleaning should be done. Here are some of the easy ways to clean your bathroom.

  • Sinks

Sinks are such part of the bathroom which is used the most starting from the toothpaste dribbles to washing hands. Sinks also bear overspray of hair products. It has a daily collection of barrage and dirt. Thus make your all possible efforts to keep it sparkling back at you with regular cleaning and maintenance. For cleaning the sink, you can make use of all purpose bathrooms cleaner for removal of film and                 light soil. If the dirt is heavy then you can try out abrasive or soft scrub cleaners as these are easy to rinse from the ceramic surfaces. Those cleaners which are made with bleach will remove dribbles of toothpaste and it will sanitize the surfaces. If possible clean your bathroom with homemade cleaners. This will make your bathroom to look sparkling and give good shine without heavy chemicals and big price tag.

  • Shower and tub

Shower and tub are such parts of the bathroom which bears oil, soap scum, body soil, hair products and when this things mix up it reduces the shine of your bathroom. Faucets, fixtures and tub rims are the hiding spots for the molds, mildew and moisture. If not cleaned properly they stuck onto the dark corners and make their residence up there. Specifically clean this spots. You can spray the bathroom cleaner initially on this spot before starting off with the bathroom cleaning. This will help to clean the spots easily without making much effort. If it is not removed by this, you can try out scrubbing. You can use abrasive scrubbing pads on the shower floors and bathtub rings. Using a toothbrush while cleaning the fixtures and faucets as a toothbrush can reach up the small and tiny places.

  • Toilet

Cleaning the toilet is not a kind of work which most people would prefer doing but it is very essential to clean toilet as it is an inseparable part of bathroom and indeed most used part of the bathroom. While cleaning first of all places the toilet cleaner into the bowl and give some time to it to work. Some of the standing time is essential so that the liquid dissolves its deposits and germs are killed. Don’t cut the time short. After that use a clean and effective bowl brush and scrub the cleaner with brush on every corner of the toilet. After that clean it up lots of water.