Maintaining Wood Fence

Wood fenceWhen a need is arises to set a perimeter or border around your home or your property, the perfect thing to satisfy your need is fence. When you are considering installing a new fence around your house, you are availed with number of options. Certain materials are low maintenance while on the other hand certain are high maintenance, certain gives you great beauty with high cost while certain gives you moderate look with low cost. If your choice is more natural one then wood fence is probably the most adorable fence to go with. The natural look of wood fence goes with many kinds of landscape styles. But when you get something good, it also brings certain responsibilities along with it. Wood fence is undoubtedly a beautiful in looks, but if you want that look to last for coming years you need to take steps for its maintenance. Here are some of the tips to maintain wood fence.

  • Ideal woods

Wood fence also comes in plenty and thus you have to explore types of wood fence and see which one fits with your budget, expectations, looks and style. There are some wood fences which are less costly but of course their life span would not be same as of the costlier one. Normally cedar is a kind of wood which is considered more appropriate as it possess natural oils which will keep it moisture resistant and prone against insects. If your budget does not allow you with cedar wood fence then you can opt for pressure treated wood as this is also good resistant against moisture and insects.

  • Natural enemies of wood fence

When wood is exposed to outer elements there is a chance of wood becoming decomposed. When moisture hits the wood fence two issues can be arise. First is fungus stack on the wood fence and the second is dry rot of wood fence which may lead to crack and warping of wood fence over a period of time. To keep your wood fence away from such issues, it is very essential to keep your wood fence away from moisture.

  • Strong protection

Of course it is not possible to protect wood fence totally from outer natural elements over the years but the least you can do is to give maximum protection to your wood fence. By doing so you cannot stop the process of damage but at least you can slow it down. You can use the stain to cover the each and every part of your wood fence so that it is exposed less to the moisture. You can also make use of galvanized steel or stainless steel in the hardware of the steel to avoid the issue of rust and warping. If you don’t want your wood fence to dull then you should protect it from sun. Your wood fence can turn grey; to prevent it from turning grey you can use products which have UV inhibitors. These will keep the color of your wood fence in the same manner as of the time of its installation.