Types Of Window Blinds

When the question arises about the window treatments, blinds are such a thing which is very versatile and it adds a very different kind of style to window and also prevents the light from entering into your room. Blinds are available many types and kinds and it also offers plenty of various styles and designs. Blind options are a perfect choice for big windows, small windows and sometimes even doors. However it’s not easy to make the perfect choice for the blinds unless and until you have the perfect knowledge about types of window blinds. Along with types of window blinds, you also need to understand which are commonly used and in which kind of places.

  • Venetian window blinds

Venetian blindsThe most common type of window blinds among all types of window blinds is venetian blind. The reason behind them being most common is that they can fit in any room with any kind of window style. These blinds bring up to you unique styling and design with horizontal slats which are placed on the top of each other and then held by a string in a particular place. These slats are usually prepared from wood, plastic or in some of the cases even with metal. The cording of the string holds all the slats together with each other and when they rotate, they all rotate in a well synchronized way. This cording system permits the blinds to close fully or open fully or even open partially. These blinds control the incoming of the light into your room. If you want your room to look full bright then you can set the blind in such a manner that that window is exposed to light and room looks bright. The usual width of a venetian blind is 1 inch but it is also available in a range up to 4 inch and even above it.

  • Mini blinds

Mini blindsIt is a form of venetian blind only which gives a smaller slat and offer classier and sleek styling. It gives the perfect and gorgeous look for small windows but also not lacks behind in big windows which are clustered together. It is such a style of venetian blind which is most probably used in office and home. The size of mini blind in width is ½ inch.

  • Vertical blind

Vertcle blindsThe designing of vertical blind is similar as to that of Venetian blind. The only difference is that it avails with the vertical system of pulling instead of horizontal system of pulling. It has a great advantage as it decreases the amount of dust which is collected on the slats. This thing is not seen in the venetian blinds. As it has side closing system, it is a perfect fit for patio doors or windows of large size which usually open on a slide.  For enabling light control, this blinds use the same feature as that of venetian blind for opening and closing. It takes only little effort for closing and opening.