Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet CleaningCarpet comes in varieties and similarly their cleaning methods and techniques also come in varieties. A dirty  carpet is really not good for the health and hence it needs to be clean in timely manner. Carpet cleaning companies uses various methods for the carpet cleaning depending upon the type of carpet you had in your home. Each of the carpet cleaning method possesses its own pros and cons. It depends upon you to weigh each one of them and decide which one to opt for. Basically carpet cleaning can be divided into two categories that is wet carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning. Thus you need to decide which type of carpet cleaning method will suit carpet in your home. Here are some of the types of carpet cleaning methods.

  • Wet carpet cleaning method

Wet carpet cleaning method is also known as steam cleaning method or hot water extraction method. In this method the carpet is first pre conditioned with a chemical reagent which liquefies oil based substances and soils which might be there in the carpet fibers. Now the water is boiled up to its boiling temperature and then it is pressurized. After that the next step is injecting it into the carpet. After completion of 10 to 15 minutes of this injunction, the solution is extracted out of the carpet with the help of vacuum.


  • Get the soiling out of the carpet deeply.
  • It permits the use of extreme temperature use of chemical and pressure.
  • It allows dwell time for solvent and its reactions.
  • This carpet cleaning method is most widely used.
  • This method is highly recommended by the experts and professionals.


  • The drying time is very long but it can be shortened with the usage of powerful equipment and by competent technicians.
  • If you want maximum efficiency then expensive equipments are to be used.
  • The cost factor is also relatively high.

Dry carpet cleaning method with absorbent compound

A powder is mixed up with the cleaning agents and special solvents and it is spread over the carpet. After that it is worked into the carpet with the help of a machine which is fitted with counter rotating brushes. Now the powder will absorb the soil into the carpet fibers after it is set on the carpet for a time period of 10 to 15 minutes and then it vacuumed up.


  • The system is very simple and there is no need of technical training.
  • The drying time is very less. It can be put to use in approximately 20 minutes only. Thisis really quick.


  • There is a possibility of powder being trapped in the carpet and create a build up over period of time.
  • This method can lead to excessive build up of dust in the home.
  • This method does not ensure the cleaning of carpet deeply. Hence there is a possibility of dust remaining in the carpet and carpet not being completely clean.