How To Maintain Tile Flooring


Tile flooringFlooring is such a thing in your home which lights up your entire house and if it is not appropriate or dull it steals away the look of your home. Especially when you are having tile flooring in your house, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to keep it clean and maintain it for the upcoming years to keep its beautiful look stagnant. When you install a new tile floor, it looks almost gorgeous and gleaming but after passage of time, the same look is not seen now it becomes dull and dirty. For keeping it in the same gorgeous and gleaming manner, you must maintain tie flooring in best possible manner you can.

Regular cleaning with the needed materials with little bit effort can bring back the shine of your flooring. Here are some of the tips which can help you to maintain your tile flooring.

  • This is a very common and general thing that dirt is one such thing which is responsible for scratching the surface of your tile flooring. Hence it brings us to the conclusion that regularly cleaning and sweeping of the floor is very important. If you are not comfortable with sweeping the floor, you can go for vacuuming the floor. A small and tiny step towards maintenance can help you in the long run and upcoming years.
  • It is very essential to mop the floor at least once a week. Generally for most of the tile flooring you can use a solution which is made up of ¼th cup of castile soap and it should be mixed up with 2 gallons of warm water. Mopping your tile floor with this solution for once in a week will give your floor a nice, clean and tidy look.
  • If you are having a marble floor, which usually gets dull with the regular usage of detergent, then you can try out diluted and mild solution of dishwashing soap and water.
  • Another idea for maintaining tile flooring is that too for greasy floors is creating a solution of distilled white vinegar with warm water. Make sure you use this solution only for the greasy floors and not for the marble floors as vinegar will erode your marble floor.
  • You should make efforts to make your tile floor to look shiny and new. After mopping the floor, you should prepare a paste of baking soda and water. After that rub the paste on the grout by making use of an old toothbrush and then rinse off. If your tile is full of the bad stains then you can try out application of plain baking soda with addition of little distilled white vinegar and then let the solution stay for an hour and then you should do scrubbing.
  • If you are having an old waxed floor which is passing through the issue of wax build up then understand that it’s high time now and you should strip off the old wax and rewax your floor.