Easy Ways To Clean Your Bathroom

Cleaning your bathroomConsidering the usage of your bathroom in each single day, you must pay proper attention on cleaning it. Each and every part of bathroom is being used n constant manner and hence special attention should be paid while cleaning them. Each and every part of your bathroom like sink, bath tub, toilets and showers should be appropriately cleaned in easy and simple ways. There are certain fixtures in the bathroom which needs cleaning in certain different manner hence you need to take as to what kind of fixtures you have installed in your bathroom and what kind of cleaning should be done. Here are some of the easy ways to clean your bathroom.

  • Sinks

Sinks are such part of the bathroom which is used the most starting from the toothpaste dribbles to washing hands. Sinks also bear overspray of hair products. It has a daily collection of barrage and dirt. Thus make your all possible efforts to keep it sparkling back at you with regular cleaning and maintenance. For cleaning the sink, you can make use of all purpose bathrooms cleaner for removal of film and                 light soil. If the dirt is heavy then you can try out abrasive or soft scrub cleaners as these are easy to rinse from the ceramic surfaces. Those cleaners which are made with bleach will remove dribbles of toothpaste and it will sanitize the surfaces. If possible clean your bathroom with homemade cleaners. This will make your bathroom to look sparkling and give good shine without heavy chemicals and big price tag.

  • Shower and tub

Shower and tub are such parts of the bathroom which bears oil, soap scum, body soil, hair products and when this things mix up it reduces the shine of your bathroom. Faucets, fixtures and tub rims are the hiding spots for the molds, mildew and moisture. If not cleaned properly they stuck onto the dark corners and make their residence up there. Specifically clean this spots. You can spray the bathroom cleaner initially on this spot before starting off with the bathroom cleaning. This will help to clean the spots easily without making much effort. If it is not removed by this, you can try out scrubbing. You can use abrasive scrubbing pads on the shower floors and bathtub rings. Using a toothbrush while cleaning the fixtures and faucets as a toothbrush can reach up the small and tiny places.

  • Toilet

Cleaning the toilet is not a kind of work which most people would prefer doing but it is very essential to clean toilet as it is an inseparable part of bathroom and indeed most used part of the bathroom. While cleaning first of all places the toilet cleaner into the bowl and give some time to it to work. Some of the standing time is essential so that the liquid dissolves its deposits and germs are killed. Don’t cut the time short. After that use a clean and effective bowl brush and scrub the cleaner with brush on every corner of the toilet. After that clean it up lots of water.