Causes Of Roof Shingles To Get Dirty

Dirty roof shinglesWe all are very well aware of the feeling of getting something brand new. New things are fresh, clean, new and nice. Whatever it is like shoes, car, clothes and many such other things. But it does not stay like this forever after passage of time it gets old and dirty. Roofing is also similar to these things. On the day of installation of roof, it looks so much clean, pristine and new. After some years pass, it starts looking old and dirty. That is the indication that now it needs cleaning. But before cleaning them, you must also be aware of the causes of roof shingles to get dirty. Once you know the causes of roof shingles to get dirty, you can prevent them from getting dirty instead making effort to clean them. Here are some of the causes of roof shingles to get dirty.

  • Falling debris

The primary cause among all causes of roof shingles to get dirty is falling debris. The most common type of debris which make your roof dirty is sticks, branches, leafs, acorns and pine straw. Some debris falls naturally on the roof, some are brought by the wind and some of them is brought by the animal and birds like squirrel and other birds. Debris not only make your home and roof to look dirty but it can also be held reasonable for leaks and roof damage. You may wonder how debris is responsible for roof damage but due to debris the rain water is blocked on the roof itself for longer period of time and it can cause rotting. Hence debris, apart from being one of the causes of roof shingles to get dirty, it also is considerably responsible for roof damage.

  • Algae or black stains

After some years your roof catches up some black stains which usually appear on the roof tops. Home owners usually wonder what this stain is and is this damaging their roof? This black stain is actually roof mold and it is the dead algae and it is seen on that side of the roof where sunlight is less and thus it remain more damp and lie o0n the roof for longer period of time. Thus this black stain is also one of the causes of roof shingles to get dirty. These algae not really damage your roof but only one of the causes of roof shingles to get dirty.

  • Moss

Moss can also be considered as one of the causes of roof shingles to get dirty. Many people think that moss does not affect the roof much but it is totally wrong as moss is really dangerous for your roof. Moss can damage the structure of your roof and can cause leaks in the shingle of roof. Thus apart from looking dirty it is also harmful and must be removed on the immediate basis as soon as spotted on the roof. You can either put some effort yourself or you can also contact any professional and get it removed from your roof.